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Smart Shopping for A New Stacked Washer Dryer in 2012 You have plenty to look at with stacked washer dryers that have appeared in 2012. The three basic criteria is what your home can easily accommodate, the size of your household and of course the cost. If you find a washer and dryer that are not a matched set, then that's not a problem with connecting hardware you can buy. We have researched the following three stacked washer dryers models, and they may be what you need.

How To Size-Up Stacked Washer Dryers for 2012

One fact about looking for stacked washer dryers in 2012 is it's a buyer's market, basically. Definitely stay on target with budget so you don't overdo it even though you may be tempted. If you find a washer and dryer that are not a matched set, then that's not a problem with connecting hardware you can buy. The following hints and suggestions will help you find the right stacked washer dryer for your needs.

If you like variety and functionality with cycles, then check out the Whirlpool LTE5243DQ Stacked Washer and Dryer. The dryer in this combination will be able to cover all your drying needs including specialty modes. This is why stacked washer dryers are increasing in popularity, they work great and are just smaller and stacked. The side swing door is convenient for adding or removing clothes. If your machines will be close to your living quarters, then you'll love the fact these units operate with hardly any noticeable noise. When looking for a stackable washer and dryer, consider the size of the loads you will be doing, and even though stacked washers and dryers are designed to conserve space, they still come in a variety of sizes. If you have a large family and have a lot of laundry, it won't do you much good to get a very compact washer and dryer. You may get energy savings, but if you're doing tons of loads each day then what's the point. You'll be able to save on both water and electricity bills, and this is where the savings can really add up.

If you want to go with pre-owned combos, then that is always an option and you can save even more money. Sometimes getting a great deal that is far away is not worth it because you pay a lot of shipping it. For this reason the best places to look first would be local listings such as newspapers and perhaps Craigslist. If you want to invest in a washer dryer that will last a long time, however, keep in mind that you are taking a chance when you buy an appliance that doesn't come with the manufacturer's warranty.

So if you have to find a stacked washer dryer here in 2012, at least you have a better idea about what to look for. You always need to see how they stack up against each other - no pun intended. You'll have to pay more for professional installs, but that's normal no matter what. Make a list of all those models that you feel are good candidates and then go from there.
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